Offering integrated products for Medical, Security, Hospitality, Fire & Safety applications.

  • Comp1
  • Comp2
  • Scope™
  • Motorola™ Tap 1.8
  • ESPA 4.4.4
  • Bosch
  • Waveware
  • Customized need for additional licensing!
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   Paging Transmitters Are FCC Narrow Band Compliant...

  comPPage®, Inc. is a provider of On-Site paging systems for the 21st Century.  Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in configuring both Hardware and Software, for a Total Systems Integration solution for your On-Site paging requirements.  Our systems will interface with host systems outputting Scope™,  Motorola™ Tap 1.8, Comp2, Comp1, Bosch™ protocols and Serial ASCII data.   

 comPPage®, Inc. is  A Veteran owned corporation.

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Connexions CX5A Presentation
ConneXions CX5A
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DataPage II
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Product Overview
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