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The following manuals are in Adobe Acrobat format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later to view. To download the latest version, click the link on this page. If you have problems saving the files to your hard drive, RIGHT CLICK on the link and select SAVE TARGET AS... from the menu.

  7900 Hand Programming Instructions
  7950 Hand Programming Instructions
  929H/AL-A25 User Manual
  929H/AL-A25 Hand Programming Sheets
  929/AL-A25 Programmer User Guide
  99O/AL-A26 Programmer User Guide
  ConneXions II Manual
  ConneXions II (Optional Telephone Interface) 
  ConneXions Lite (CD)
  CX5A User Manual
  CX5A Program Manual
  CX5A Telephone I/F Manual
  DataPage II 
  DataPage II Lite 
  Digilink 5 & 10 Zone
  DVIF10 User Manual
  GEO40A7/8 Hand Programming Instructions
  GEO40A7/8 Programming Manual
  GEO40A7/8 User Manual
  GEO848AA User Manual
  GEO848AA Hand Programming Instructions
  GEO14AS Hand Programming Instructions
  IF600 User Manual
  LRG - Logging and Report Generating
  N8T Hand Programming Sheet
  N8T User Manual
  PIA - Paging Interface Adapter
  PIA - Controller Manual
  Pilot Hand Programming Sheet
  UHF Amplifier
  Universal Interface
  Voltage Serial Programmable Interface Multi-State
  Voltage/Dry Serial Programmable Interface Dual State
  VDI Serial Programmable Interface
  VDI Pro104 Programming Software
  XL2000 Hand Programming Sheet
  40A8 Pager Programming software Version 6.5
  40A8 Pager Programming software (USB) Version 7.6
  84Z  Pager Programming software
  84ZAA  Pager Programming software - V3.9.4
  929/AL-A25 Programming software - V5.1
  929/ALA25B-PDPC-611(USB) - V6.11
  Connections Lite Programming Software V2.1.5
  Digilink 10/5 Programming software
  DVIF10 Programming software - V1.5
  GEON8T Pager Programming Software
  IF600 Software
  Terminal Software
  VDIPro 104
  VSP Multi-State Programming software
  VSP Dual-State Programming software
  XL2000 Programming software

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