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Product Name: CX5A  
Tech Notes: Approvals: UL , FCC, CE

Specifications Manual Programming Manual DTMF Programming Manual

Product Description: The Scope ConneXions 5 is a state of the art, wall mounted POCSAG paging system, with a capacity of 9,999 pagers, numeric and alphanumeric. The unit is standard with two RS232 serial ports, eight(8) dry contacts and seven(7)different paging protocols. Options are additional serial ports, LAN cards, USB connection and telephone interface card with voice prompts.
Product Name: SitePage 1  
Tech Notes: Approvals:  FCC, CE


Product Description:

SitePage 1 is a POCSAG paging Encoder/Transmitter with 2-RS232 input ports. The unit has multi paging protocols that can be selected using the supplied Windows based program. The SP1 will interface with Nurse Call Systems, Fire Alarm Panels, Wander Alert, and HVAC systems. The transmitter covers a frequency range of 450-470 Mhz with an output power of 1 or 5 watts.

Product Name: DataPage  Lite  
Tech Notes: FCC part 90 and Industry Canada approval.

Specifications DP Lite Manual

Product Description: The Scope DataPage Lite is a      compact desktop numeric paging system. The large 2  line display and plug & play feature, allows for ease of use by the experienced or first time user. The DataPage II can be ordered with an optional RS232 input with Scope or Comp2 paging Protocol.
Datapage II Photo


Product Name: XLite  
Tech Notes: FCC part 90.

Specifications Manual

Product Description: The Scope Xlite paging transmitter is a compact wall mounted paging system with auto sensing of two protocols, Scope and Motorola Comp2. The unit is PC programmable for base ID, Pager and Port Baud Rate and Pager Type. The system is supplied with AC power adapter and Antenna.
Product Name: Digilink  
Tech Notes: FCC part 90 and Industry Canada approval.

Specifications Programming Manual

Product Description: Scope's Digilink series security transmitters are serially programmable using the optional programmer interface. The Digilink can be manually selected for voltage or No voltage input. The unit will support numeric and alphanumeric pagers.






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